Standard delegate rate
Public services
Large arts institutions
Large arts organisations
Large care providers
Housing associations
Government agencies
Voluntary organisations and charities
Age UK & Alzheimer’s Society
Small private care homes
Small home care agencies
Arts organisations with less than 3 FT staff
Self-employed arts practitioners and other professionals £70
Students and volunteers £25
People with dementia £5
Carers of people with dementia £5

Group Discounts

We offer a 10% discount for 2+ delegates attending from the same organisation and a 20% discount for 5+ delegates from the same organisation. If you would like to take advantage of this discount please type GROUP DISCOUNT in the purchase order number box. Please note that discounts can only be claimed via the invoice payment option as the card payment option won’t be able to recognise multiple bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 I want to come for a half a day
A We are sorry but we have to charge a full day’s rate for all delegates

Q2 I run a small voluntary arts organisation but I am self-employed which fee do I pay?
A We are happy to help and ask you to pay your £70 fee from your own account. We cannot accept a payment from the organisation you run as this indicates that the funds are available from this source in which case you should register and pay as a representative of the organisation – the fee would be £120

Q3 I have a temporary part time post as a musician with a small charity and I also work freelance in care homes
A If you are registered as self-employed for tax purposes, then we are happy for you to attend by paying the self-employed arts practitioners rate of £70. If however, you are receiving a salary from the charity we expect you to arrange to attend on behalf of the charity and for the charity to pay the requisite fee of £120.

Q4 I work in a small private care home
A If you work in a care setting that has less than 25 beds, the delegate rate is reduced to that of voluntary organisations and charities which is £120

CDAN is very grateful to MHA for sponsoring our 6th Conference offering our delegates a unique opportunity to engage with MHA's outstanding music therapy service during the conference keynote and workshops led by MHA music therapists.